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Simplify Your Shed Sales

Customers Are Buying Sheds Online.

Our 3D Builder App lets your customers choose options to build their dream shed on your website.

Sell More With The 3D Builder App.


  • Fully interactive visual models.

  • Library of styles & options

  • Complex business logic and customization

  • Flexible door & window placement

  • Instant price estimates

  • Regular software updates

  • Quote tracking tool

How It Works


Standard Package: $499 per month.

  • Configuration of Retail Pricing of Sheds included for one price zone.

  • Customized rafter design to match your buildings in the stock styles.

  • Access to our library of Fiberglass Slab Doors and all other objects currently in our library.

  • $99 for each additional location sub-account, adding sub-accounts includes routing the customer to the nearest location in the system. Customers will be assigned to the specific sub-account. The master account will be able to review all sub-account users, customers and activity.

  • One-time set-up fee: $4500.00

Pre-payment Discounts

  • $399 per month if pre-paid for 12 months ($79 per month each additional location sub-account).

  • $449 per month if pre-paid for 6 months ($89 per month each additional location sub-account).

  • $99 re-instatement fee for a lapsed subscription.

More Details

  • If more than 10 locations for sub-accounts, call for custom quote.

  • Custom changes subject to a price quote.

  • Automatic Free Access to all of the latest upgrades and new features!

  • Included with setup fee: Set up of business account with any ordered location sub-accounts. Customized roof profile for each supported roof style. One customized door OR window design. Additional custom doors or windows must be quoted. Additional shed designs not in our stock shed designs must be quoted.

Starter Package

  • We also offer some discount starter package options to get started quickly at a lower cost. Please give us a call to discuss these options.

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